west road media telling stories with video

Customer Videos:

Bring those customer case studies to life with professionally produced and affordable customer testimonial videos. We help you develop a template for presenting your customer stories that leverages the power of video while keeping costs down with shared graphical and style elements across multiple assets.

Video Tutorials:

How many times do you search for tutorials in the product area on a company’s website only to find cumbersome text instructions or poorly executed screen capture videos. Let us help you plan, script and produce your next set of product tutorials that leave a new customer feeling good about your product or service. Our enhanced screen capture and explainer videos feature techniques to help viewers understand the key information. Whether it’s highlighting important steps on a screen capture video with graphic “callouts” and “pull ins” or showing a hands on demo with a scripted narration, our tutorials provide a valuable resource to your customer that’s professionally produced but easy and affordable -- freeing you up to do other product marketing activities. These tutorials don’t need to be expensive, but they shouldn’t be afterthoughts, our service meets you in the middle. Contact us for more information.